Move your school’s language classes online

Sanako Connect Online Language Lab

Sanako Connect is an agile easy to use full-featured live online language lab. Teach any language in the classroom and/ or remotely at the same time without any additional workload. A web-based language lab running on any browser using PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Chromebooks. Teach synchronously or asynchronously.
Online teacher tailored content and adjustable learning styles

Sanako Reactored Online Language Exercises

Teachers can use Sanako Reactored language content and materials with different activity exercises, multiple courses, and exams in 20 different languages. Students can also choose their preferred learning style.

Advanced classroom software for efficient language teaching

Sanako Study Software Language Lab

The Sanako Study 1200 increases the time each student spends speaking and actively practicing any language with preset language lesson activities, and live communication during classes. To improve all language skills and to administer College Board AP exams. Can be used to teach synchronously or asynchronously.
Teach sign language with easy reliable twin screen software.

Sanako Sign Language Lab Software

The Sanako Sign Language Lab software with dual video screens improves learning sign language and American Sign Language making it easier and more effective to teach and learn ASL and any sign language. Can be used to teach synchronously or asynchronously.
Reliable physical language lab that works in demanding conditions and Offline

Sanako Digital Language Lab

Sanako Lab 100 is a cost-effective turnkey digital language lab! No computers required for students, and has its own hardware and network, runs particularly well for demanding conditions where efficiency is needed; Sanako Lab 100 is used globally by schools, universities, colleges and by ministries of defense. Can be used to teach synchronously or asynchronously.
High quality audio for modern Language Labs

High Quality Classroom Headsets

Durable language lab headsets with microphones for all makes of language labs and for classroom or computer labs. 


Sanako educational technology, used in over 120 countries and 80 000 classrooms.

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