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Sanako Reactored Language Lessons with Content in 16 Languages with AI Assisted Automatic Grading


AI-Assisted digital language learning Lessons

Our learning platform makes the learning process flexible and individualized. With the unique approach it also ensures that the progress takes place both inside and outside of the school environment. Reactored takes advantage of various types of sensory input and thus always leads you to the right answer. This way, you can concentrate on the actual learning rather than on searching for suitable grammatical forms.

Why not try it yourself? Reactored supports up to 16 languages!

Reactored is a digital language learning platform where students can follow courses composed by teachers, or alternatively they can create materials that can be beneficial for their own needs.

Effective learning methods

Learn languages effectively aided by AI. Learning style based personalization and Reactored’s unique spell checker will guide you forward.

Also works on mobile devices

We have considered the requirements of modern learning already at the developmental stage. As a browser-based application, Reactored provides an effective learning solution for most devices.

Expand your vocabulary

All Reactored learning materials are created by trained professionals. However, If they are not challenging enough, you can also generate vocabulary exercises of your own.

With Reactored, you can learn languages with an emphasis on your strengths. The learning style is adjustable in terms of textuality and visuality.

A multilingual solution supporting up to 16 different languages

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In Reactored, learners can practice several different languages: English, Finnish, Spanish, Swedish, German, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Hungarian and Latin

Communal Reactored through chat-feature

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The teacher can create study groups within the platform and share the study material with them. Learners themselves can also create study groups of their own and deepen their knowledge by using the target language in chats.

Reactored saves your time by means of automated checking

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Reactored is all about formative assessment. Lessons can be easily converted into exams which are evaluated automatically. The assessment tool enables the teacher to effectively monitor and guide learners‘ progress.

One platform for all languages, no installation required

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The Reactored user interface is browser-based and works on any device. We offer a cost-effective solution that takes into account the fact that the devices at schools’ disposal are not all the same.

Responsive UI

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Reactored is also built to support mobile devices. With the use of a smartphone or a tablet it allows a learner to to complete their school assignment anytime, anywhere.

Designed to benefit all kinds of users

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Regardless of your role, Reactored looks and behaves the same way. Only being a teacher grants you access to such features as assessment, team management and our bank of readymade material.

Reactored task types

This video demonstrated the task types in Reactored

Reactored AI-powered exam checker

This video shows how to use Reactored’s AI-powered exam checker.



How to use the Task generator in Reactored

This video shows how to create lessons fast and easy by using our phenomenal Reactored task generator. You can use any piece of text or a list of words phrases to create interactive lessons under 2 min.

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