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Sanako Study full-featured software language lab. The gold standard in modern software language labs. Improve students’ language skills, with easy-to-use, time saving preset language learning activities. Asynchronous for language assessments, practice and teach all language skills, and administer AP exams.

Sanako Study

Multimedia Classroom and Advanced Language Lab
Sanako Study 1200 software language lab is a full-featured AP ready language lab for teaching all languages and administering the College Board AP Exams. All with easy-to-use preset lesson activities to get students on task fast and stay on task. Instructors can teach in free mode or use all the preset language learning lesson activities to improve student’s languages skills that are easy-to-use for both instructor and student alike with minimal training required.
The Sanako easy-to-use preset language specific lesson activities take the guess work out of teaching with this language lab. With Sanako preset lesson activities including the popular Sanako AP Exam preset activity to practice and administer the AP Exam for better results and no stressful AP Exam do-overs. Instructors select an activity and students are on task immediately and stay focused on any language learning activity. Sanako Study 1200 software language lab has many different preset language learning specific activities making this lab easy to use and enjoyable for both instructor and students alike.

Sanako is a Microsoft® Certified Partner. Sanako software is developed exclusively by Sanako for teaching languages. Sanako software is developed on the .NET platform ensuring compatibility with future Microsoft operating systems including Windows 11. Sanako Study 1200 is also optimized to run on a WLAN or LAN.

The Sanako Study 1200 software language lab gives the instructor full control of all students at all times using the classroom management feature. Monitor students, control students PC’s, transfer the instructor’s screen to the class with audio, use the marker tool to annotate. Manage student PCs by collaborating, controlling and locking for attention, remote shutdown, restart, log off and wake-on-language session files for guided learning material.

Video Pairing

The Video Pairing activity allows you to set up student pairs for a video chat using the students’ Webcam images. The activity is perfect for a variety of different exercises based on real-life interaction from simple everyday discussions to role-playing exercises and even sign-language discussions. Student pairs are selected in the same fashion as in Pair Discussion and the students’ video can be recorded during the activity.

AP Exam activities

Teach AP practice AP and take the AP Exams. Sanako have diligently worked with the new 2017 College Board AP Exam procedures to correctly set up an easy fail-safe pre-set step by step procedure with a minimum 5 steps for the proctor for administering the students AP Exam. Only Sanako have a pre-set AP Exam activity where there are no AP Exam do-overs.

Create audio files

Create audio files with the Text to Speech feature. Copy and paste any text and turn it into spoken audio content. Insert bookmarks and subtitles.


Reading Practice

Reading Practice – students read given material to practice intonation in addition to rhythm and pronunciation.

Telephone activity

Telephone activity lets students call each other by selecting from a list on the Student application. The telephone conversations between students can be recorded and collected at the end of the activity.

Content Exercise Activities

Content Exercise Activities pull up a number of content exercises at your fingertips, no longer look for content to use. These content exercises are ready to teach with and students can work at their own pace or any level.

Round table discussion

Round table discussion designed to strengthen oral presentation skills. Instructor sets up small groups with a designated chairman who leads a discussion and passes the microphone around the group.

Group students

Group students in six color-coded groups for different levels of language learning skills and language learning activities

Voice Insert mode

Use Voice Insert mode to insert gaps automatically into source material, create listen and repeat, question and answer and translation exercises, and give oral feedback on student recordings after a test.

Live Polling

Live Polling with questions and immediate answers instructor can check if the class understands the lesson with instant feedback.


The Whiteboard feature allows students and instructor to annotate, write, draw and add images on all screens and is shared with all in that group.

Content Packages

Sanako Content packages can be incorporated in the language lab. This content is automatically integrated and indexed to the playlist in the Sanako MFF* format.

Any publisher’s content or publisher’s material can be used in the lab all file formats are supported including MP3, MPEG 3 and MPEG 4 and including streaming audio and video on the fly from a publisher’s website or any website.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech is the ability to turn any written text into spoken audio content in many languages. Text-to-speech allows you to take any text material and easily turn it into spoken audio which can be used for either listening or speaking exercises. 

Text-to-speech technology offers virtually unlimited resources for audio learning material through text-to speech conversion. High-quality text-to-speech voices will provide learners with a tireless and readily available native pronunciation model to support them whether they are starting a new language or fine-tuning their existing language skills.

Conference Interpreting

The Conference Interpreting activity provides an authentic interpretation training environment. The activity simulates a real-life meeting with a live discussion that is simultaneously interpreted to different languages. Students can be assigned as Interpreters, Delegates and Observers. During the activity users are able to select whether to listen to the discussion or to an interpreter and interpretation recordings can be collected afterwards.

Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension is an activity whereby students listen to a selected media source and answer questions that assess comprehension of the model audio.

Model Imitation activity

Model Imitation activity lets the student repeat after a model audio to practice rhythm and pronunciation in a foreign language.

Vocabulary Test

Vocabulary Test for word quiz -type language learning tests. Allows teachers to create, launch and save tests, and collect the results.

Discussion activities

Discussion activities to practice conversational skills in pairs and groups.

Web Browsing Activities

Web Browsing Activities Instructor focused and controlled web browsing activities is managed by the instructor with open and strict or open policies and allows teachers to create lists of allowed or blocked Web sites. The instructor launches web links to students via a send button in the tutor browser. Or shares the instructors web browsing activities with screen share in the follow me mode. Instructor can turn off the internet at student stations to stay focused on the task at hand.

Seating plans

Seating plans with mirror image of the classroom furniture layout for easy student indication.

Not limited; any amount of students and any classroom configuration can be set up on the instructor seating plans.

Live Feedback

Live Feedback with color coded status from each student displayed on the teacher interface.

Assign and Collect Homework

Homework assignments feature to assign and collect homework from a file area integrated in the student’s application allows for easy distribution and collection of homework assignments.

Playlists of all lessons

Playlists of all lessons and content in each of the six color coded groups. Click on a group playlist and all files are displayed and can be launched to students. Students can also access these playlist in self-access mode.

Sound Device Wizard

With the Sanako Study 1200 you can set, save, and test audio level in one easy set with the Sanako Sound Device Wizard to ensure optimum audio levels with all Study audio activities, with one easy step.

Tutor led activities

The Tutor has the option to select preset activities. Or the Tutor can teach in tutor mode as well, making up lessons activities as he or she chooses.

Pronounce Classroom

Add Sanako Pronounce Module to your Study 1200 Language. Students listen to the correct model pronunciation in the target language and then simply repeat the phrase or sentence. Sanako Pronounce software automatically provides the students and taechers with instant feedback on their pronunciation for that sentence, phrase or even a paragraph. Students are given an overall score based on speech and correct pronunciation and a visual analysis of the pronunciation for the sentence is also provided. Sanako Pronounce grades all the pronounced words in three colors: green for perfect, yellow indicates some improvement required and red that the pronunciation was either not recognized or bad. The Sanako Pronounce is fun to use and a very effective tool for improving student’s pronunciation. Sanako Pronounce Classroom allows the teacher to monitor (connect and control) students’ pronunciation, evaluate their progress and collect students work for review, assessment and tutoring. With Pronounce Classroom, teachers can open and close exercises in students’ Pronounce workstations. As students advance through the exercise, Pronounce Manager displays clear indication of their progress and performance on the student icons. When finished, teachers can collect student work, student recordings or an exercise report for later evaluation.Teachers can also prepare and evaluate exercises.

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