Sanako Connect is a Full Featured Live Online Language Lab

A full featured web-based language lab. Students can participate in language and ASL classes from any classroom or remote location simultaneously without additional workload for teachers.

Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect is a live agile online platform for teachers to teach many different types of language lessons by using preset language learning activities and to use any content. Sanako Connect can be used to teach any language from all classrooms and remotely simultaneously, without any additional workload for teachers. All that is required is an internet connection.

Web-Based Synchronous Language Lab for Teaching any Language including ASL.

Live full-featured online language lab for all languages.
Synchronous and asynchronous teaching.
Real-time audio and video communication.
Teacher screen sharing and webcam.
Create and assign language learning activities including YouTube lessons.
Unique dual track student recorder with voice insert and AP Exam ready.
Automated pronunciation grading to improve students’ pronunciation.
Exercises can be set to run in Exam mode Includes automated collecting at the end of the exam.
Paged exercises: Dividing your exercise into different pages allows you to create progressions within exercises.
Live student video communication with video pairing can be used for teaching ASL.

Manage student pairs and groups easily in one view.

Divide your students into pairs or groups with live video and audio communication. Each group can discuss and view each other on video at the same time without distracting each other. Teacher can listen in and talk with each group.

Launch exercises and activities all on the live online language lab.

Includes language learning activities tailored for language teaching. Teach with model imitation, live speaking practice, listening and comprehension, describe what you see activities, place students in pairs and grouping with video and audio, include any audio and video exercises, reading and writing exercises, auto-graded multiple choice, true or false or gap-fill exercises, YouTube lessons, auto-graded pronunciation, administer AP Exams with dual track recorder for your students.

Unique dual track recorder/player essential for language teaching & AP Exams.

Advanced dual track recorder/player allows students to speak and record themselves and listen to the master track at the same time. Advanced recorder/player also allows students to insert their answers to a video or audio files' master track. Dual track recorder/player is also used for students recording voice portion answers to the AP Exams.

New feature: Video Recording Task

This new task type allows students to record their video answers. The video recording feature can be used for live translation, ASL and Sign Language teaching, and speaking assessments.

New feature: Matching Pairs

Both sides of the pair can use text, images, simultaneously, this gives teachers many options for creating tasks with this new feature. When completing the task, your students link cards simply by dragging them to their correct position. 

Interested in teaching languages with Sanako Connect?

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