Sanako Connect - Live Online Language Lab

Modern 2020 language lab technology for 1:1 technology initiative so students have the tool to learn 24/7 with more time speaking to build proficiency

Sanako Connect – Live Online Language Lab

Sanako has made access to the modern full featured language lab easier and more accessible by introducing the new Sanako Connect live online full featured language lab that allows student’s more access to language labs and therefore increasing communication and language learning time. Sanako have introduced a modern web-based full featured easy to use language lab to access online. All that is required is any computer or device and an internet connection.

No dedicated language lab classroom or specific computers required, and use any browser you wish. The Sanako Connect live cloud language lab is a better solution to teach any language in any classroom and any remote location. There are no limitations to class size or how many students and teachers can access the Sanako Connect live cloud language lab simultaneously. Students can now extend their learning even more with mobile access to lessons and activities anytime, anywhere. Instructors and students now have the flexibility to use many different devices including Chromebooks, PC’s, Mac’s, iPad and Tablets. Teach any language or use any language content you wish, to assign lessons or homework. Communicate live, collect, manage and monitor students in real time, and grade language learning activities assigned to students in real time.

Easy fail-safe steps to administer AP Exams in the new College Board digital format. With direct upload to the College Board Portal.The Sanako Connect live cloud language lab allows students to work on any language learning activities, with simple easy-to-use activities including listen and record, practice speech with grammar and vocabulary, and listening, reading practice and overall communication skills, in groups, pairs or individuals. Teachers can manage and monitor the student’s computers and devices in the classroom, check on students’ progress and give students individual attention when required. Instructors can launch lessons to students and record and collect students completed assignments, review the work anytime for live assessment and provide instant feedback.

Sanako do not have to install a server at your school and software on your school server to make the Sanako Connect cloud language lab function. Sanako is 100 % pure cloud based solution based and developed using the latest 2020 cloud technology. No student login data required. Students and teachers login with a simple token and are synchronized immediately to start the class.

Share lessons easily!

During class, at home, or on the move

Only a simple code required to access the assignments and activities

Can be used on any browser without limitations

Subscription service up to 5 years available

No software maintenance costs or software to install

No charge for upgrades

No hidden fees a very affordable yearly subscription

Easy deployment and easy access with an internet connection

No limitations on class size

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No restrictions on class size, unlimited amount of students can login from any classroom or location at any time.

To protect your data and for security Sanako only uses secure Amazon servers based in the USA. For reliable fast and safe cloud hosting. Your students data is safe no security issues for your school.


Students have free access to Sanako Web Recorder / Player and can download free apps for Tablets from iTunes and Android.

Full featured language lab activities & features with Sanako Connect live

Media formats

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Ability to assign exercises in MP3, MP4 or MFF* media file formats as well as mpeg4 for both video and audio files.

Assign and Collect Homework

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Homework assignments feature to assign and collect homework from a file area integrated in the application allows for easy distribution and collection of homework assignments.

Class and group chat rooms

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Chat rooms for groups or the entire class.

Speaking activities

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Enables speaking activities such as listen and repeat exercises, question and answer, fill in the gap, true and false quizzes, translation exercises, and vocabulary. All these exercises are graded automatically once the exercise is completed.

Listen and Repeat Activity

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Listen and repeat activity with automated student controls. Listen and repeat activity lets the student repeat after a model audio to practice rhythm and pronunciation in a foreign language. Exercises can be used for assessment. Exercises can be time limited.

Listening Comprehension

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Listening Comprehension is an activity whereby students listen to a selected media source and answer questions that assess comprehension of the model audio.

Use Chromebooks & Tablets

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Use any device including Chromebooks, IPads, Macs, laptops and any tablets

Writing Activities

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Students can complete written exercises such as essays.

Model Imitation activity

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Model Imitation activity lets the student repeat after a model audio to practice rhythm and pronunciation in a foreign language.

AP Exam

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Teach practice and take the AP Exams. Sanako have diligently worked with the new 2017 College Board AP Exam procedures to correctly set up an easy fail-safe pre-set step by step procedure with a minimum 5 steps for the proctor for administering the students AP Exam. Only Sanako have a pre-set AP Exam activity where there are no AP Exam do-overs due to faulty equipment, or software that is too difficult to use, due a cumbersome and very complicated unreliable procedures that can take up to 30 steps to administer, sometimes in multiple software suites simultaneously.

Reading Practice Activity

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Reading Practice – students read given material to practice intonation in addition to rhythm and pronunciation.

Discussion activities

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Discussion activities to practice conversational skills in pairs and groups.

Students Can Work In the Classroom

or from any Remote Location

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