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Improve students pronunciation with Sanako Pronounce

Sanako Pronounce

Sanako Pronounce is a cost effective user friendly solution for improving pronunciation using the latest text to speech technology and voice recognition tools to improve student pronunciation skills.
Students listen to the correct model pronunciation in the target language and then simply repeat the phrase or sentence. Sanako Pronounce software automatically provides the students with instant feedback on their pronunciation for that sentence, phrase or even a paragraph. Students are given an overall score based on speech and correct pronunciation and a visual analysis of the pronunciation for the sentence is also provided. Sanako Pronounce grades all the pronounced words in three colors: green for perfect, yellow indicates some improvement required and red that the pronunciation was either not recognized or bad. The Sanako Pronounce is fun to use and a very effective tool for improving student’s pronunciation.
New! - Sanako Pronounce is now also available as an online solution.
Sanako Pronounce Live is a true online solution for pronunciation practice, no installations or downloads required. We invite you to take part in a new era of language learning with Sanako Pronounce Live, a web-based solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language.

How to improve pronunciation using Sanako Pronounce

Sanako Pronounce allows students select the target language voice, either male or female, that will read the model sentence. Sanako offers a selection of high-quality text–to-speech voices and voice packs for different languages including Canadian French, USA or British English. Select the speed you would like the software to playback the audio. Import or copy and paste the text, sentence or paragraph in the designated area. The software will automatically break down paragraphs into sentences. Listen to the voice selected on model sentence or words and then record yourself repeating the sentence. While you are recording the sentence or words Sanako Pronounce software will automatically give you an overall score for your sentence rating your performance up to 100 and also indicate green, yellow or red on individual words where pronunciation improvement is necessary.

Sanako Pronounce Classroom

Sanako Pronounce Classroom allows the teacher to monitor (connect and control) students’ pronunciation, evaluate their progress and collect students work for review, assessment and tutoring. With Pronounce Classroom, teachers can open and close exercises in students’ Pronounce workstations. As students advance through the exercise, Pronounce Manager displays clear indication of their progress and performance on the student icons. When finished, teachers can collect student work, student recordings or an exercise report for later evaluation.

Teachers can also prepare and evaluate exercises.

Interested in teaching languages with Sanako Pronounce?

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