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Students Can Work In the Classroom or from any Remote Location.

Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect is an agile platform for teachers to access different types of lessons and use any content, use to teach any language or subject. Secured platform powered by Amazon Web Services with all servers based in the US.
No login required for students and fully compliant with data security. Students do not need to create an account with personal information. Students access a session/class simply by using the link provided by the teacher.  

Drag & drop files and create exercises to be shared with students

Speak live with your groups or individual students, or speak to the whole class.

Your whole organization can use the same token/license to create multiple teacher accounts. No need to order separate tokens for different accounts.

Add YouTube streaming into any exercise. YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion - list of supported streaming services.

Supported browsers

  • Full support: Google Chrome
  • Full support: Safari on macOS and iOS
  • Unofficial support but works perfectly: Firefox

New Features

  • Screensharing
  • Video streaming that can also be used for teaching sign language and ASL
  • Duplicate and copy exercise to another class or group
  • Launch Dual Track Advanced Recorder Player to students. Teachers can now send students the advanced dual-track recorder for use at any time and from any location. Use for assignments when students are not taking part in the live class. Use to practice language skills. The two-track recorder allows the student to listen to the master audio file and record at the same time. Includes voice Insert function.

Creating live groups and pairing

  • Allows unlimited number of live groups as well as placing students into pairs or larger work groups.
  • Pair students randomly or select student pairing for live student communication
  • All groups and students in the group are color coded for quick reference

Chat room

  • Chat feature can be enabled/disabled by the teacher.
  • Teacher can remove chat messages
  • Chat to individual student
  • Global Chat – chat to all students in the class
  • Chat to Groups

Additional Functions

  • Teacher views the class by group or by the students’ names and can communicate live with audio
  • Toggle bar removes or adds global chat room from teacher user interface
  • Toggle bar removes or adds participants list from teacher user interface
  • Drag and drop files or upload files
  • Send files to students for self-study if the students are not part of the live online class
  • Both teacher and student can download files and save the files locally
  • Both teacher and student can access a user profile token to change device or location at any time

Launch all File Types

No limitations to the file type supported by Sanako Connect. File types include MP3, MP4, PDF, PPT, JPG, Word, Excel etc.

Live feedback

  • Review student work and provide live and/or computer auto graded feedback
  • Option for verbal or written on-the-spot feedback
  • Feedback to students with replay option

Speaking and listening to students

  • Teacher controls group live audio and speaking
  • Teacher monitors student live speaking
  • Speak to the entire class
  • Speak with a certain group
  • Listen to a certain group or pairing

Language Learning Exercises

  • Ability to record, collect and upload students AP recordings
  • Launch audio and videos to students
  • Launch a simple recorder allowing students to record
  • Launch an advanced recorder two-track recorder allowing student to listen to the master audio file and record at the same time. Includes voice Insert function.
  • Multiple choice with or without auto grading
  • Gap fill with or without auto grading
  • Q & A with or without auto grading
  • Embed any website and launch to students
  • Launch YouTube videos, audio files, videos, photos, and images to students
  • Launch written instructions to students for exercises
  • Record audio instructions to send to students
  • Launch essay writing exercises to students. No limit to length of essay
  • Launch reading/text to students
  • Embed any URL into any document or an exercise
  • Upload a file and launch to students
  • Preview created exercises before launching to students

Interested in teaching languages with Sanako Connect?

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