Sanako Connect - Full Featured Live OnlineLanguage Lab

Students Can Work In the Classroom or from any Remote Location.

Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect is an agile platform for teachers to access different types of lessons and use any content, use to teach any language or subject. Secured platform powered by Amazon Web Services with all servers based in the US.
No login required for students and fully compliant with data security. Students do not need to create an account with personal information. Students access a session/class simply by using the link provided by the teacher.  

Drag & drop files and create exercises to be shared with students

Speak live with your groups or individual students, or speak to the whole class.

Your whole organization can use the same token/license to create multiple teacher accounts. No need to order separate tokens for different accounts.

Add YouTube streaming into any exercise. YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion - list of supported streaming services.

Interested in teaching languages with Sanako Connect?

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