Digital language lab no PC’s required

Language lab with preset AP Exam feature for reliable easy five step administration of AP Exams

Digital Language Lab - No student computers required

Sanako Lab 100 for Dedicated Classroom Use

Sanako Lab 100 is a cost effective reliable digital language lab solution that can be used in a dedicated classroom. Sanako Lab 100 does not require computers at the student stations therefore eliminating any expense associated with the typical cost of maintaining and replacing computers, servers, network LAN or WLAN and switches. Additionally, since computers are not required, network issues, switch or server problems and costs associated is nonexistent which makes the Sanako Lab 100 a unique digital language teaching solution and a very reliable language lab.

Sanako Lab 100 requires only a teacher computer. The students are equipped with a headset with microphone and a durable digital audio recorder that is easy to operate, and which allow them to participate in a number of stimulating learning activities, either alone, or in groups or pairs. Pre-set activities such as phone conversation and listening comprehension make it easy for the teacher to develop lessons.

Sanako Lab 100 language lab can be installed in a dedicated classroom as a fixed lab with carrel student furniture. For ceiling mounted language labs, drop down or hanging language labs, or for drop down ceiling tray installations, with all the advanced features of the Sanako Lab 100 please contact us for further information.

You can connect Ipads, laptops or PC‘s, to the student Digital Audio Panels if you wish. Sanako can include Sanako Classroom Management software to control these laptops, PC’s and Ipads from the teacher console.

Teach all languages using easy to use Language Learning Specific Preset Lesson Activities

Sanako Lab 100 requires only a teacher computer giving the instructor complete control of all students’ digital audio recorders, keeping them on task, assign live and interactive using the preset lesson activities. This language lab is fully compliant with the AP test and has a preset AP Exam module ensuring that all student recordings are recorded and saved in MP3 format. No more AP examination do overs.

The Sanako Lab 100 is easy to use for both instructor and student alike and minimal training on this full featured language lab is needed.

Use the Sanako Lab 100 Tutor feature to teach in any way you choose using all the Sanako Lab 100 features or use the easy to use Sanako preset language learning specific lesson activities.

Lab 100 language lab preset lesson activities include:


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Students listen to questions on the master track and then respond to them in order to develop their listening skills. You may allow students access to their recorders, so that they can work with the source individually, at their own pace. During or after listening to the source, you can “call” the session and select a student to answer questions.


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Students practice speaking on the phone, by calling each other through their audio panels. You can monitor and comment the students’ work, and allow or disallow student access to their recorders, if appropriate.


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Select any audio source that the students interpret simultaneously into their native language. For example, you can select yourself as the audio source and read the students aloud. Students interpret as you read, and the student input is recorded for later evaluation. You can allow the students listen to and rerecord their input, and monitor them as they practice.


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The Lab 100 Quiz is a quick and easy way to see how well the students answer the questions you make. You access the test response modes and immediately get an indication of the effectiveness of your teaching and retention of the concept.


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The Q&A activity allows you to train students’ oral skills by playing them an audio source and then pausing when you want them to answer a question. The students’ answers are automatically recorded.


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Teach AP practice AP and take the AP Exams. Sanako have diligently worked with the new 2017 College Board AP Exam procedures to correctly set up an easy fail-safe pre-set step by step procedure with a minimum 5 steps for the proctor for administering the students AP Exam. Only Sanako have a pre-set AP Exam activity where there are no AP Exam do-overs.


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By listening to a model audio and repeating after, the students practice the stress, rhythm and intonation of the foreign language. You can use yourself or a student as the model audio for the session. You can allow the students to access their recordings, and monitor and comment on their individual work


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In pairs, students develop their rhetorical skills through different oral exercises. They can focus on using their own words instead of fixed structures, and learn together at a speed they are comfortable with. You can select the pairs yourself or have the program make up fixed or random pairs for you.

Add a Sanako STS Module & the Lab 100 to be used as an Interpretation lab for both simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation


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Library Mode is an activity that allows you to assign audio files to students for their individual work. You can send the same file to every student or a different file for each. Even if the students all have the same file, they will still be able to work with their copies of it individually. After the students have performed the test or another exercise, you can save the outcomes for later use.


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Students read aloud and listen to their input to practice the pronunciation and intonation and if allowed, students can work individually, at a speed they are comfortable with. The students can listen to and record their readings all over again.


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Students working in groups, the students can practice speaking skills through role plays as they express ideas and opinions, and defend a point of view. Students can, for instance, learn to understand and react appropriately in situations where intercultural communication is involved. Setting up groups is quick and easy and you may change the groupings at any time.


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Used for training intercultural communication through situational exercises. For example, students simulate a job interview with a prerecorded source and focus on reacting appropriately.


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Consecutive interpreting means that the source is interpreted into another language in sections. The speaker stops at the end of every ‘paragraph’, and the interpreter then interprets what was said. You may allow students to rerecord their input individually and monitor them as they practice.


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The Audio-on-Demand activity allows you to assign audio files or an external program source for students’ individual work. You can decide who will have access to which audio material, if any. The audio material can be made accessible to the selected students, for example, in a folder, on an audiocassette, or on an audio CD. At the end of the session, the student recordings can be collected.

Students can be assigned to different groups, work as a group or paired, or work independently on different exercises at their own pace with full control of all functions on the digital recorders.

The student audio panel control functions include; recording, fast forward; rewind; playback; select own audio files; call the teacher; call other students in telephone mode; enter 8 digit pin for AP Exams; test audio recordings and microphone prior to AP Exam to eliminate any recording problems; work with the audio source; adjust volume, setting or removing bookmarks, answering test question and much more.

The Sanako Lab 100 digitizes material for you. All analog audio cassettes and CD’s are converted and saved to MP3 on the fly.

The Sanako lab 100 is considered the best language lab in high schools with hundreds installed all over the USA and thousands installed worldwide.

The Sanako Lab 100 is at the forefront as a feature rich, reliable language lab unlike any other hardware or analog language lab on the market today. The Sanako Lab 100 is an all-digital software language lab, with no moving parts or old analog technology.

Use your own content and teach in any language. Sanako also provides more free content and lesson plans; please visit our home page and go to the LangaugePoint. 

The Sanako Lab 100 rips all your analog audio into MP3 and rips all CD’s and WAV files into MP3 on the fly. Sanako is licensed to use and encode files into MP3.

Students Use Digital Audio Panels No PC’s Required

Dedicated Classroom or Portable Solution

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