Apple Software Language Lab

Apple Software Language Laboratory

Sanako is now offering a new Apple software language lab that gives you a suite of activities and features never before seen on Apple, allowing you to deliver personalized fun and effective language learning to all your students using Apple

This Apple full featured software language lab is intuitive, effective and fun to use offering a pleasant user friendly interface. By using multiple combinations of modular exercises, you have the option to work with the entire class or by groups, and single students to improve language skills and the level of all students, that use this unique Apple software language lab.

An entirely software language laboratory:
Can be installed on an existing Apple computer lab with no additional network requirements and can be used in LAN or WLAN

Uses a universal platform
Using QuickTime allows the use of all managed multimedia formats incorporating 200 audio, video and image formats.

Easy to use
Both instructors and students effective initiative interfaces that are fun and easy to use

A wide range of exercises
New software technology multiples your working options. Audio, video, text, internet and images, all these options can be easily combined to create new interesting exercises on a daily basis

Management control of all computers
This tool gives you total control of all student computers. You have a number of functions that allow you to observe, listen, block and take control of the student computers when required

A individual teaching experience
Flexible group creation allows for emphasis on students strong and weak areas, by grouping strong student together and working with weaker students in different groups and exercises

Classroom Communication
The instructor can communicate by audio, video or text. This communication can be for the entire class, a selected group or a single student

Homework assignments or work remotely
Files can be sent to students computers. These files can be synched with an IPod-IPad-IPhone for additional learning experience outside the classroom.

Text Exercises

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Also offers a double text editor function which is particularly useful for translation thanks to its double window interface. The chat function allows conversations between one or more pupils, centered theme or question set by the teacher. Student output is collected and can be evaluated.

Video Exercises

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Students can add subtitles, dub, analyze and answer questions or complete fill-in-the-blank exercises. Using their own webcam, the students can teach themselves to communicate more dynamically and, for example, create a multimedia CV.

Syncing with iTunes

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This allows items to be recorded in iPod- compatible format. It is therefore possible to send items to students’ iTunes, and then sync them to the students’ iPod.

Go further

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Thanks to software already available in all Apple computers and other accessible software, creative teachers will enjoy the option to create their own lesson content, Podcasts, audio clips and video recordings, allowing the use of perfectly adapted teaching resources.

Teacher Control

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The teacher can monitor students, discreetly listen to them individually or as a group and take screenshots remotely. ARD (Apple remote desktop) allows the teacher to control the student station. The teacher also has the option of blocking all programs other than language lab software.


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By using working groups, the teacher can offer exercises adapted to the needs of each group.

Supports a variety of formats

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This software utilizes QuickTime technology, providing access to a large variety of multimedia formats.

AP Exam activities

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AP Exam activities is designed to record, save and automatically collect student responses into MP3 format ready to be sent to ETS.

Audio Exercises

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The students can listen, record themselves, repeat and translate an audio file, video or even text. This language lab also offers the option of group debates, or teacher-led debate. Teacher-led debate can be recorded and then distributed for analysis.

Audio Conference

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Integrated audio conference option allows an instant debate on any teacher selected topic.

Managed Web Browsing

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Internet browsing can be unrestricted, limited to the learning institution’s network, or equally be limited to specific hyperlink in order to minimize student distraction.

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