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Multimedia Solutions, Inc.


Multimedia Solutions, Inc.

Multimedia Solutions, Inc. provides sales and services of language labs and language learning solutions.

We are dedicated to serving the foreign and world language departments offering a wide range of Sanako language labs and language learning tools. With 30 years of experience in the language lab field we have earned a proven reputation by providing outstanding service.

Multimedia Solutions, Inc. has chosen to represent Sanako, (formally Tandberg) the world leaders in language labs and innovator in language learning technology since 1961. Multimedia Solutions, Inc. is the sole authorized Sanako representative for the following states: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Puerto Rico.

Sanako is a Microsoft® Certified Partner; ISO 9001 Certified for dedication to quality; a WorldDidac Quality Charter Member and a corporate member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE®).

Sanako software is developed by Sanako for Sanako and developed on the .NET platform ensuring compatibility with all current and future Microsoft operating systems. 

Sanako software is very reliable and the activity-led functions make this software user friendly for all teachers. For this reason, Multimedia Solutions, Inc. offers all potential clients the opportunity to evaluate all Sanako software systems before investment.  This allows all potential Sanako customers the opportunity to test and thoroughly evaluate the features of Sanako language labs for reliability, functionality and ease of use, at your own pace and at your leisure. 

Sanako is represented in 100 countries worldwide, with Sanako staffed offices in Turku (World HQ) and Espoo Finland, USA California and New York, UK, China Beijing and Shanghai, India, Mexico and Dubai. 

For many years our knowledgeable staff has provided our customerswith the best language learning solutions and language lab options combined with prompt and efficient service year after year. We are committed to our customers, and our commitment to your language learning requirements continues long after your objectives have been met. Multimedia Solutions, Inc. provides extensive training on the operation of the Sanako language labs and all Sanako language learning solutions as well as prompt, efficient and reliable service and support. 

Multimedia Solutions, Inc. provides language labs and language learning solutions to middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities and entire school districts. We represent all Sanako language learning solutions for use in the classroom and at home or any remote location. We offer the best and the most current Sanako technology has to offer. This includes: Multimedia Classrooms or Advanced Language Labs, Cost Effective Language Labs, Software Language Labs, Mobile Language Labs, ASL Language Labs, Wireless language labs, Digital Language Labs, Hardware language labs, Online Language Labs, Apps Language learning Solutions, Tablets and Devices Language Learning Solutions, Web Based Language Learning Solutions primarily with Sanako. Please contact us for an onsite presentation on any Sanako language lab or Sanako language learning solution.

Sanako is represented in over 100 countries & used in 30,000 classrooms. 6 million students use Sanako every week

55 years of experience with language labs with cooperation and feedback from teachers has made Sanako the global leader in language labs and language learning solutions

Sanako integrates current technology for teaching languages to improve your students‘ results

  • With Sanako you can teach any languages
    • English
    • Foreign Languages
    • Sign Languages
  • With Sanako you can use any content or publisher of your choice
    • Written content
    • Audio and video content
    • Internet streaming audio and video or text

  • Students work in the classroom & can continue assignments at home

  • Sanako language learning solutions for many different environments
    • Entire campuses
    • Computer labs
    • Classrooms
    • Small spaces
    • Mobile devices and portable language labs

Software Language Lab

Digital Hardware Language Lab

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